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As feds equivocate, Hudson tunnel cost grows to $13 billion



07/06/2017 02:06 PM EDT

A plan to build a new passenger rail tunnel — and repair the existing one that’s now falling apart — will cost nearly $13 billion and could, perhaps, be completed in late 2026, according to a draft environmental impact statement released Thursday.

That $13 billion represents an increase over the original estimate of the project, which was routinely pegged by officials as somewhere in the $8 to $10 billion range.

The new estimates might be conceptual too.


5 thoughts on “As feds equivocate, Hudson tunnel cost grows to $13 billion

  1. Watch something similar happen when Gargzilla gets approved…

  2. Here’s a message to the unions that are perpetuating this absurd fraud…
    Kiss my conceptual ASS. 13 billion…how about hop along and go F&@k YOURSELFS .

  3. 8 to 10 billion, then 13 billion, probably 15 or 18 billion in the end. Whatever, just steal it from our children and grandchildren. It’s the Government, who cares what things cost.

  4. Here is a message to you. July 8, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    Dig deeper into your very deep pockets cause your gonna pay and there isn’t a F&@king thing you can do to stop us. Have a nice day

  5. There is a cost for doing nothing. Look st NYC, they have subway and train problems on a weekly basis. Their aging transportation system has not kept up. Amtrak is paying the price too.

    Those tunnels won’t last forever.

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