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Reader says,”There has always been a “turnover ” of residents but taxes will chase us out faster, and your taxes will go up exponentially”


“I am contemplating retirement in a few years.
I am not rich, but I saved a few bucks and have no mortgage .
I actually like it here and lived in NJ all my life.
For those of us who do not have children in public schools (and never did) the biggest expense is the schools portion of the real estate tax.
If you want to keep us here to subsidize your kids, you better figure out a way to limit our tax increase.
If we leave, you can be certain our home will be purchased by a young family with children requiring an education
In the old days, many long time Ridgewood families stayed here for generations (and thanks to them it’s a nice town – before the vinyl siding and and lawn sign crowd moved here from NYC)
There has always been a “turnover ” of residents but taxes will chase us out faster, and your taxes will go up exponentially .
Residents with no kids in school get NOTHING in return while SUBSIDIZING those who do. “

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Reader says , “Ridgewood Schools Fail to Develop Male Students of High Academic Potential “


“The Ridgewood district has also chronically failed to adequately encourage and adequately develop students who early on demonstrate extremely very high academic potential, but also who have moderate emotional or behavioral challenges and/or ADHD, or who happen to be male. (Oops–was only thinking that last part, didn’t mean to blurt it out. How rude to admit the hard and naked truth of Nothern New Jersey public schools in 2019.)

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NJ Court Rules Ridgewood Business Could Not Fire Medical Pot Patient For Failing Drug Tests


the staff of the Ridgewood blog 

Ridgewood NJ, A New Jersey appeals court rules employers cannot fire employees who take medical marijuana and fail a drug test.The New Jersey court ruling says marijuana patients are protected under the state Law Against Discrimination as long as they aren’t high on the job.

The decision stems from a lawsuit filed by Justin Wild, a former funeral director in Ridgewood who took medical cannabis to manage pain caused by cancer.

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Will Ridgewood Follow Greenwich With a Collapse of Property Values

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to Garden State Initiative , once the symbol of an affluent America , Greenwich, Connecticut is enduring a collapse of its real estate market as high-earners flee the high-tax state. This was typically preceded by these homeowners establishing residences in Florida or other more fiscally attractive states. This  sounds all to familiar, New Jersey? The storm that is currently hitting Connecticut’s real estate market is starting to impact New Jersey. As high end real estate values deflate, as is occurring in Greenwich, the taxes to support local governments and schools will be redistributed to moderate and lower value property owners.

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Reader says , “There’s too much talk about diversity and inclusion and less about discipline and competence”

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The rankings measure how well the competition does, as well as Ridgewood school district. Without proper analysis, one can’t assume the drop in Ridgewood rankings is due to declining quality. It could just be other schools started to deliver better performance than before.

I am concerned about indoctrination in the school system though. There’s too much talk about diversity and inclusion and less about discipline and competence.

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Reader Comments on School Ranking Fairness

Ridgewood Police at RHS

Schooldigger, I’m afraid your list somewhat betrays you. I assumed you noticed in the last year summarized, Ridgewood is down 2 points. Little by little Ridgewood has consistently gone downwards. A main problem is the unfairness of ranking private schools and county Academies–all of which attract the top students in any school–against public schools which must educate every student who applies. It is the true “apples vs oranges” comparison. That alone would automatically force lowering of the ranks of any public school. But Ridgewood is no where near being at the top of the public school list. Ridgewood has always had problems–terrible tenured teachers and some other very strange teachers who bullied their students–but basically it provided a great education for self-starters. Lazy kids still did not work up to their educational level–and I’m sure that is true today. Another main difference is that the respect for teachers and authority figures has declined drastically. Too many students think the whole world revolves around them and rebel against anyone telling them what to do. We also have more parents who’ll rush to the school or school board to complain that ” their darling child could never do anything wrong”. Believe me, this is not a new problem, it’s just gotten worse. A friend, who retired at least 15 years ago from being a kindergarten teacher, said that “she never thought she’d be happy to retire, but the kids today…”

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Reader Calls The Newsweek “Best Hospitals” a SUBJECTIVE OPINION poll


The Newsweek “Best Hospitals” is a SUBJECTIVE OPINION poll
It is basically a popularity contest and is useless as an indicator of the quality of a hospital.
From Newsweek’s own website regarding the methodology used:
(they even call the list a “survey” – not an analysis)

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UPDATE : Paramus Police Department Update Missing Persons Report

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Paramus NJ, We have developed information that Mr. Pinte has voluntarily traveled to Florida. We continue to actively try to locate and make contact with him.

Missing Person, Possibly Endangered: Kenneth Pinte, 20yo, male, 6’2”, 150 lbs, black hair, brown eyes, olive skin. Last seen on 4/18 wearing a white and red hoodie, black pants, black shoes, black backpack. Anyone with information should call the Paramus Police Department at 201-262-340

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Stop looking at Trump and look where Trump is looking. It’s All About the ‘Flair’

By Peter Rosenberger

When it comes to Trump, it’s all about Flair.

For several years, the media and the Washington establishment have railed against Donald Trump with little success. Porn stars, special counsel, duplicitous lawyers, celebrities—they’ve all taken him on to no avail. It appears they really don’t grasp the nature of Donald Trump.

If you want to understand Donald Trump, you don’t have to look much further than professional wrestling superstar, Ric Flair. Flamboyant, even by professional wrestling standards, Ric Flair maintained an astonishing career and achieved a lengthy list of championships and successes. Adopting the nickname, “Nature Boy,” Ric Flair emerged in the 1970s as a fan favorite. With flowing blonde hair and swagger, he paraded in front of thousands wearing only an industrial speedo, boots, and often a floor-length feather boa robe. 

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Retiring In New Jersey


As you may have heard, retiring in New Jersey isn’t very easy. With the high taxes and costs of living, this state appears to be one of the not-so-ideal places to decide to retire in. While the ideal and easiest solution here may be relocating, that may not be a suitable option for everyone. There are people who built their whole lives there and aren’t exactly ready to start this all over again in a new place.

It’s hard to leave a place once you are comfortable, which is why you might want to look at the following few pointers if you’re thinking of retiring in New Jersey.

1. Start Saving Early

If you want to have a happy retirement, especially in New Jersey, then you have to plan ahead, and then some! Make sure that as soon as you get a job and start making cash, you start saving. Open up a savings account and put money away that you’ll consider non-existent until you retire. This way, you’ll be able to actually think of retirement at the age you find fit, while living a comfortable and issue free life- at least when it comes to finances!

2. Consider Investments

While it may seem absurd to some, but starting your individual retirement account (IRA) early is very important and the ideal age to do that is between 20 and 25. This could be extremely beneficial to you, especially if you plan to retire in the state of New Jersey. The earlier you start your IRA the more benefits you will get and the more money you will have once you actually retire which doesn’t sound like such a bad idea when you live in a state with insane property rates and very high taxes.

You also need to realize that the world’s economy is very unpredictable, it could rise and deflate in a matter of minutes, which is why most stock market investments are not a bad idea but you have to make sure that you understand it inside out. Investing in real estate property and renting it out or selling it later can also be a good idea.

Precious metals aren’t really affected by economic inflation or stock market crashes; in fact, their value seems to increase during those times, so they are basically a time-tested solid investment.And if you guessed right, one of the best precious metals to invest in right now is gold since it is used in various industries. From jewelry to smartphones and laptops, it is a key factor in many commercial and industrial markets. So if you plan to retire in New Jersey and want a guaranteed investment, you could buy gold IRA to strengthen your retirement strategy. That is, of course, if you follow the precious metals IRA regulations. It’s a very simple process that many investment experts can guide you through and the results are certain since gold IRA isn’t based on the value of money but the value of the metal itself.

3. Pay off your debts

One of the gravest mistakes that you could make still having to pay your car loans, property mortgages and credit card debts after they retire, especially in New Jersey where the rates are higher and where every penny that you save counts. So you need to pay off all your liabilities before you retire, even if this means that you have to spend an extra couple of years working to make it happen. Trust me, it’s a must and you will realize that later when you aren’t bombarded with how much you actually have to spare for these debts after you retire.

Retiring in New Jersey is hard, but it is actually possible, many have done it and many will continue to do it. All you need to do is be smart and play it safe. You don’t have to leave your home and move to a whole new state just to be able to retire comfortably. You just need to make the right decisions and save some extra money and this whole thing will be well worth it.