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BMW Mistook a Wheelchair Ramp for an exit Driveway in Midland Park

photos courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Midland Park NJ, No injuries were reported following a Tuesday afternoon, 10/08, motor vehicle crash in the rear of a medical office building located at 44 Godwin Avenue, Midland Park. Midland Park Police and Midland Park Fire Department responded to the incident, in which the adult female driver of a BMW SUV mistook a wheelchair ramp for an exit driveway. Structural damage to the office building was limited to two (2) stair railings and support piping for a canopy. The SUV was removed from the scene by a flatbed tow truck. Police on the scene did not say whether any summonses would be issued to the driver.

10 thoughts on “BMW Mistook a Wheelchair Ramp for an exit Driveway in Midland Park

  1. Good old Midlandpark, more and more shit happening each and every day isn’t it.
    I hope everybody’s OK.

  2. Must be a RHS graduate…

  3. Texting

  4. The WC ramp was mistaken for an exit?
    So…your really that stupid and regardless NJ gave you a drivers license. Brilliant.

  5. Amazing

  6. Drivers should be retested periodically. This is clearly someone who lacks the skills to be on the road.

  7. The other morning I was on Paramus Road heading towards USR.

    It was 6:45AM. No other cars on the road.

    In my sideview mirror I see someone behind me put on their left blinker and proceed to go right round me. I was going 39mph and only 600 yards from the light on Linwood. WTF ?

    In any event, stay away from K69-LRJ.

  8. How old was driver?

  9. There’s so many nitwits on the road today

  10. Wooden Shoe…that is right, because crazy crap never happens in ridgewood?!? Oh wait…crazy crappy happens in Rusgewoid all the time and everyone knows it. The difference is Ridgewood does everything to ensure it us kept hush hush. Please…get over your snooty selves!

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