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Cuomo asks Trump for help with disastrous Penn Station

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By Michael Gartland

May 21, 2017 | 5:00pm

Governor Cuomo turned to President Trump on Sunday to help bail New Yorkers out of a looming mass transit crisis at Penn Station, a situation he likened to a natural disaster.

In a letter to Trump dated May 21, Cuomo requested “the federal government treat this as an emergency situation” and asked Trump to provide funding for construction and transportation alternatives, as well as for a long-term solution.

“While this is not a hurricane or flood it will affect as many people and businesses with dire consequences,” Cuomo continues. “Like a natural disaster, we didn’t create it but our public offices require we address it.”

7 thoughts on “Cuomo asks Trump for help with disastrous Penn Station

  1. Dear President Trump – please do the right thing here. Ask NY/NJ to drop dead. I say this as someone who has to endure the torturous commute every single day.

    These states are involved in pillaging BILLIONS of dollars collected as taxes/tolls/fares, paid by honest citizens, on their union cronies and other political constituents, instead of spending the same on desperately needed infrastructure.

    Not a penny of federal aid is required to build and maintain infrastructure. There is no shortage of money. A few years of tolls collected on the three 50-100 year old Hudson crossings alone is enough to build a new tunnel. Of course, no one really knows where that money goes.

    Please do not bail them out. This will only encourage them to steal more.

  2. Cuomo and his brother malign. the president ever chance they get and then he has the ball to ask him for money. Typical liberal.

  3. Slick move, Cuomo. Now libs can blame the disaster that is Penn Station on Trump.

  4. @2.15. Amen. I go through this torture every day but I would beg Trump to not supply a penny to this corrupt empire of NY/NJ. This morning (Monday) Josh Gothheimer was making rounds on the train to Secaucus. This guy was “randomly” asking passengers about their feelings on NJ transit. Once he realized he was talking to a liberal he would prolong the conversation and take notes. I hate these politicians so much that I want to spit right in their face. They have found a goldmine in the naive population of NJ. How can they raise fares and provide a terrible service without any public protests is beyond me. These libtards who make the majority of commuters do not lift a finger when it comes to their money and life but are ready to shut down anyone who expresses an honest opinion. They would rather get screwed by their own politicians than say a single word.


    Daily News 1975 – Ford To City Front Page.

  6. Cuomo is running a campaign for president via most of the NY news outlets.

  7. Sanctuary State = No Money

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