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BID Notice – Tree Planting at Various Locations in Village of Ridgewood


Informal proposals will be received by the Village of Ridgewood, in the Village Hall Level Three Conference Room, 131 North Maple Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450, on Friday, September 27, 2019 at 9:00 a.m. prevailing time, and then publicly opened and read aloud for the following project

“Tree Planting Various Locations,

In the Village of Ridgewood”.

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SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15TH! 2019 Ridgewood Fall Art & Craft Street Fair 10am to 5pm


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, The winner of the “Best of Bergen” numerous times! 195 exhibitors with arts and crafts, a food court, music, pony rides, a petting zoo and inflatables are part of this family fun day! Free admission. Held rain or shine. This long running event draws approximately 17,000 thousand customers.

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Waldwick NJ, Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella announced the arrest of ROBERT L. FLYNN (DOB: 9/10/1953; married; small business owner) of 61 Waldwick Avenue, Waldwick, New Jersey, on the charges of Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography. At one time Flynn was a bouncer at Espositos in Ridgewood . The arrest is the result of an investigation conducted by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office under the direction of Chief Robert Anzilotti.

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Despite Calls For More Parking Ridgewood Merchants Continue to take Prime Spots

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Ridgewood NJ, The President of The Ridgewood Guild is Mr. Tony Damiano.  Posturing as an important dignitary in town, claims that businesses which might have come to Ridgewood opted out because there was insufficient parking. 

The current council set up a system whereby employees would be directed to park in sections of the Cottage Place and Walnut Street lots, thereby freeing up valuable on-street spots in front of stores and restaurants.  And yet Damiano parks his own vehicle in prime on-street spots every day, as seen in this photograph. 

If you think this is a one-off, you are wrong.  We have at least 15 more photos of his car in various NON-EMPLOYEE prime spots on North Broad, near his store.   Damiano was a big promoter of the Hudson Garage (Aronsohn Version) yet refused to work with the new administration when the “3 amigos ” left office .

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Ridgewood NJ, Gold Star Mother’s Day will be celebrated by the American Legion Post # 53 at Memorial Park at Van Neste Square at dusk on Sunday, September 29, 2019.  Please note this corrected date.  Join us to celebrate the courageous mothers of those who protect us by volunteering to serve in our military.

Gold Star Mothers Day, will be celebrated at Van Neste Park Ridgewood and will be commemorated with the placing and display of luminaries in Van Neste Park beginning at 7 p.m. The event is open to all to attend.

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Park With ParkMobile ?


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood blog has been tracking users of ParkMobile . The current Ridgewood blog poll is showing :

Do you use ParkMobile?
Yes 44.23%
No 55.77%

Historically Ridgewood has always been a bit slow at adopting new technology ,but we are not sure what to think about park mobile, PJ Blogger is no a user ,but many friends are.

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Reader says ,”look both ways before entering a crosswalk”

“The village of Ridgewood should take action immediately and make temporary signs add all crosswalks in the CBD, and around schools to look both ways before entering a crosswalk. Use common sense. But this is the problem , The school system doesn’t teach common sense. And most parents don’t either. “

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Reader says ,”ITS GROUNDHOG Garage day”

ITS GROUNDHOG Garage day and the Towns Bill Murray
groundskeepers in city hall expansion departments have gone all in to dynamite the whole business district simultaneously to be sure their off record promises are delivered to the parking NEEDY BUSINESSES Housing fiascos and all of those new cars that wont fit in the Mini Cooper new housing developments mini mart lots..outside of town traffic chaos longer term i.e. a large development plugged into the old Ford dealer site spilling out onto the train plaza on one side and /or onto a narrow steep side block with a sight distance issue for cars barreling down and over a road rise curved blind spot.. BIKE LANES..RIGHT turn lane spilling into a pedestrian crossing lane….Promises Promises,,.strap in for
more chaos crossing from maple Ave side of Franklin
towards to east side of town via a narrow curving hill towards the train and Whole Foods side of town.
developments : School seats expansion..
taxes will skyrocket.

This is not Planning excellence,,it’s a give away to developers…

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Green Fusion in Ridgewood Adds Brunch

photo courtesy of Green Fusion’s Facebook page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Green Fusion opened in late March this year and bills it self as a “fine dine Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurant with plenty of gluten free options, vegan desserts and cakes”.

Green Fusion is launching a weekend brunch, serving a menu that you “don’t usually see at other places”. They have started with a Sunday Brunch Buffet where dinners can try different items from a menu of brunch items. They are planning to retain a buffet on Sunday and serve a regular a la carte brunch on Saturday.

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Reader says ,” this place is gonna look like Hackensack”


” It’s amazing how so many individuals are so arrogant. How they think they can just walk off the sidewalk into a road without looking how stupid can you be. You got to be the biggest Dummy too do that. That’s for the walkers. For the drivers speed limit should be changed in the CBD. It should be 15 mph. And the damn New Jersey transit buses should not utilize Ridgewood Avenue at all. Let them Use Franklin Ave., Maple Avenue, maybe move the bus station This is not going to work when all these apartment buildings are done we are just too congested. If you think people are getting hit now you just wait and see you have buildings being built right on top of the road on Broad Street Chestnut St., Franklin Avenue and then Maple and Ridgewood Avenue. This place is gonna look like Hackensack. “