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Reader says ,”ITS GROUNDHOG Garage day”

ITS GROUNDHOG Garage day and the Towns Bill Murray
groundskeepers in city hall expansion departments have gone all in to dynamite the whole business district simultaneously to be sure their off record promises are delivered to the parking NEEDY BUSINESSES Housing fiascos and all of those new cars that wont fit in the Mini Cooper new housing developments mini mart lots..outside of town traffic chaos longer term i.e. a large development plugged into the old Ford dealer site spilling out onto the train plaza on one side and /or onto a narrow steep side block with a sight distance issue for cars barreling down and over a road rise curved blind spot.. BIKE LANES..RIGHT turn lane spilling into a pedestrian crossing lane….Promises Promises,,.strap in for
more chaos crossing from maple Ave side of Franklin
towards to east side of town via a narrow curving hill towards the train and Whole Foods side of town.
developments : School seats expansion..
taxes will skyrocket.

This is not Planning excellence,,it’s a give away to developers…

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Ridgewood’s Master Plan Visioning Workshops

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Ridgewood NJ, Mark Your Calendars for Ridgewood’s Master Plan Visioning Workshops

When: September 21 – 9:30am to 12:30pm and September 28 – 9:30am to 12:30pm (attend one or both)

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Eminent Domain Abuse Forum Held in Hoboken

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Hoboken NJ, this could be the next trick in the forced over development /high density housing battle in Bergen County.

The Pulse with Peter B., northern New Jersey’s premier cable access show, hosted a forum on eminent domain abuse in Hudson County on Wednesday night, August 28th, in Our Lady of Grace School. The forum highlighted the Center St neighborhood of Jersey City and the NY Waterway ferry company marina property in Hoboken as examples of local government abuse of eminent domain powers to harm communities and help special interests. Forum panelists included Hudson County community advocates Natalia Ioffe, Mary Ondrejka, and Joshua Sotomayor Einstein. The forum was moderated by show host Peter Biancamano.

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Judge Rules Against Glen Rock Senior High Density Housing

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Glen Rock NJ, A Superior Court judge has struck down a variance granted to an age-restricted apartment project planned for a Prospect Street residential zone in Glen Rock,In 2017, the Glen Rock Zoning Board of Adjustment approved the variance permitting construction of the 52-unit rental complex in a single-family residential zone adjacent to a Ridgewood Water facility. The Glen Park Village project was first pitched as senior housing in 2013, but just months before the zoning board’s 2017 decision, the Glen Rock Borough Council twice rejected ordinances against rezoning the 2-acre property to permit high-density housing. Their consideration came at the request of Glen Park. A neighbor-driven petition was given to the council in advance of their vote. The council’s action prompted the developer to pursue a use variance with the zoning board.

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Apple Ridge Stop Work Order Lifted by Upper Saddle River

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Upper Saddle River NJ, On August 28, 2019 the following email was sent to Toll Brother by Boswell Engineering lifting the Stop Work Order on that portion located in Upper Saddle River.

Please allow this email to summarize the chronology of this project since the issuance of a Stop Work Orders for this project on July 23, 2019. This email will also rescind the Stop Work Order issued on July 23, 2019 subject to the terms noted below.

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Readers debate the Future City of Ridgewood


“What is wrong with everyone? Cities with great access to public transportation need to grow through efficient, multi unit housing like this project. Cars need to vanish! This is good for tax base, local business, community diversity, etc. Someone wrote “donate the land”. Would you do that if you owned the property? Come on! Sounds like Bernie to me!”

“Cars will not vanish and you know it. You’re tellin me that the apartment dwellers won’t have cars. You know they will. Who says the apt. dweller on Broad street has to work in NYC? Even if they work in NYC on weekends and even during the week they will drive around Joisey. Even to local supermarkets, they will drive their SUVs. They won’t be pushin groceries up East Ridgewood Ave. in a cart. They will use their car as much as you use yours. The residents in Ridgewood who work in NYC still use their cars. What will happen to Ridgewood is just the OPPOSITE of what you say. There will be tons more Traffic, cars, SUVs you name it. It will be hellish to drive here. Hey, it already is hellish to drive in Ridgewood. Unlike you I cannot predict what impact a hellish neighborhood traffic situation will have on people wanting to move here. I sure wouldn’t move here. I moved here in the 1970s when traffic was , not entirely, but much more peaceful. Would I move here now, NO.”

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More Calls For Realistic Affordable Housing Reform

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Middletown NJ, Senator Declan O’Scanlon and Assemblywoman Serena DiMaso (both R-Monmouth) issued a statement following Middletown’s decision to withdraw from affordable housing negotiations:

“We stand behind Middletown’s decision to pull out of COAH discussions,” said O’Scanlon. “They’re tired of trying to play by the rules for years and years only to be told the hundreds of units they’ve built are never enough, and I completely understand their frustrations. For people to claim Middletown doesn’t want working-class families in their town is completely misguided.”

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No New Development Until We Fix the Infrastructure

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Ridgewood NJ, while the assembly candidate is not from any local districts but his sentiment rings clear in Bergen County .

District 18 candidate for Assembly, Jeffrey Brown called for a moratorium on new residential development projects in the towns that make up the 18th district, until municipalities can better find to ways to manage flooding and mitigate flood damage.  There was widespread flash flooding in East Brunswick, Brown’s hometown, and the surrounding communities following strong thunderstorms on Wednesday.

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Reader says the BOE got up night after night and assured us all that we were wrong about increased school enrollment


“Don’t forget Rurik, Jim and company (BOE) who got up night after night and assured us all that we were wrong – – we were volantis – – we were naysayers – – and that he and his wife and other seniors like him would move into these slums and life would be beautiful for us all.

And don’t forget the developers in town who are building these monstrosities and laughing all the way to bank over the ineptitude of the Village.

And don’t forget, while the betrayal started with Arohnson and the Puke, the betrayal continued with the current council when it sold out the Villagers who had used their own resoucres to file a lawsuit and stop these monstrosities, after having run on a platform of saying they would contain these slums from being built.”

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Reader asks ,“What did they get out of it for lying so freely?”

“All these problems that the Village has been denying would occur are almost here. The fact that the official people in Ridgewood would constantly parrot the builders quotes when it was obvious to even a child that all these additions would include a massive influx in needs for all our services. As someone stated “What did they get out of it for lying so freely?” Paul got his first state political appointment which he hopes will lead to bigger and better things. Our present Mayor changed to becoming a real estate agent and all these new developments will benefit him. What was gained by the others happily rushing into this? Will they all be gone when reality sets in? They all HAD to know what would be the reality of all this development. What did they gain by their massive pretend ignorance?”