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New Jersey’s Lawsuit Climate Ranked Among Nation’s Worst

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Ridgewood NJ, New Jersey’s lawsuit climate ranks 43rd out of 50 in a new national survey released today by the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform (ILR). This ranking is the lowest ever for the Garden State since the survey’s inception in 2002.

The 2019 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States, conducted by renowned polling firm The Harris Poll on behalf of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform, questioned senior business executives about the fairness and reasonableness of state court systems.

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New Jersey Man Allegedly Scouted Targets In New York City For Terror Organization Hezbollah

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MORRISTOWN NJ,  A New Jersey man has been arrested and is facing terrorism charges . Charges include planning attacks in New York City and other cities for the Middle Eastern Terrorist Group Hezbollah.

The Department of Justice claims Alexei Saab of Morristown was allegedly trained by the terror organization in bomb-making and intelligence-gathering which he used to scout potential targets in New York and Istanbul, Turkey.

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Is gambling legal in New Jersey?

New jersey has a long and varied history when it comes to gambling. Up until 1844 lotteries were common in the state. IN fact, it was funds from lotteries which helped to pay for military aid during the French and Indian war. The funds also helped support the American Revolution.

Several universities such as Queens College (now Rutgers University) and the College of New Jersey (now Princetown University) were also recipients of lottery funds.

The oldest racetrack in the US is the Freehold Raceway which has been there since 1830, while the Monmouth Park Raceway started in 1870. In 1894 New Jersey Legislature banned horse racing and in 1897 all gambling of any kind was banned in the state of New Jersey. 

In 2013 the state started to allow in-state online gambling and five years later they won a lawsuit permitting legal sports betting.  

So, what types of gambling are now legal in New Jersey?

The gambling industry in the state of New Jersey has grown to include not only ‘brick and mortar’ gambling places but also now includes sports betting, fantasy sports, online gambling, horse racing and more.

These days you can find all the major forms of gambling legally in the state and several of them are also legally online.

Legal gaming includes:

  • Horse racing betting Bingo
  • Casinos
  • Poker
  • Games of skill
  • Lottery
  • Fantasy sports

All of these are legal to be played online and in person at various casinos and other locations.

Casinos in New Jersey

After the legalisation of gambling in New Jersey came into force in February 2013 a law stated that each of the casinos was permitted to partner with a software provider to offer gambling choices to players within the state lines.

This encouraged casinos to launch gambling sites, giving players a multitude of gaming choices these days. Casinos also started to offer top casino bonuses as a way to attract clientele to new casinos.

This means that every ‘brick and mortar casino in the state will likely have its own online casino offering a variety of games for players.

Resorts International on Atlantic City Boardwalk was the first legal casino to open in the US outside the city of Nevada.

Right now, New Jersey is home to ten land-based casinos, all of them located in Atlantic City.

Here are the casinos in Atlantic City

  • Golden Nugget
  • Caesars Atlantic City
  • Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
  • Ocean Resort Casino
  • Resorts Casino
  • Bally’s AC
  • Bally’s Wild West Casino
  • Harrah’s AC
  • Tropicana
  • Borgata

Horse racing and betting in NJ

All horse racing betting is now regulated by the New Jersey Racing Commission. They are responsible for issuing licenses and overseeing the racing industry.

Betting on horse racing is legal at racetracks, licensed betting sites and authorised off-track betting places.

There are two betting operators permitted to offer mobile and online horse racing betting in the state, namely and Betfair Exchange NJ.

The following racetracks are authorised for in-person betting:

  • Monmouth Park
  • Favourites at Egg harbour
  • Meadowlands Racetrack
  • Freehold Raceway
  • Favourites at Gloucester
  • Favourites at Hillsborough
  • Favourites at Tom’s River
  • Favourites at Woodbridge
  • Winners Bayonne
  • The Borgata

Sports betting in NJ

New Jersey was one of the first states to offer ports betting in 2018. Mobile sports betting sites are also regulated in the same way online gambling and land-based casinos are, so need to hold sporting licenses and be partnered with legal software providers to operate.

Poker is now also permitted and is widely available at most land-based casinos. Online poker is only allowed on sites which are licensed by the NJDGE. Any land-based casino can offer poker to their customers.

You can find legal in-person poker rooms at several Atlantic City casinos, one of the major ones being the Borgata Casino which has dozens of tables and high-stake cash games. The Borgata also hosts several major tournaments through the year. 

It is unfortunate that if you live outside Atlantic City, poker is not available as there are no other licensed poker rooms in the state.

Bingo in NJ

Bingo is legal in the state of New Jersey where land-based casinos and gaming sites run bingo games as a normal part of their business. It is also accepted where non-profit organisations host the game to raise money for their charities.

There are several casinos which offer bingo on their online sites:


There is a slight difference in the New Jersey method of Bingo where they play 90-ball bingo instead of the traditional 75-ball game. The format and rules are the same.

New Jersey Lotteries

The NJ lottery was first approved and made legal in 1969 and the first drawing was held in 1971.

The NJ lottery offers a mixture of scratch tickets and draw games and the revenue is used to help educational services, centres for the disabled, homes for disabled soldiers and psychiatric hospitals.

An important thing to note is that online lottery ticket sales are not permitted in the state of New Jersey. You must purchase your lottery tickets from an authorised retailer in person.

There is a good selection of lottery games to play, with prizes ranging from $200 to upwards of $100,000. Some are drawn daily, others weekly. Prizes vary with several of the higher paid lottery games.

To sum up

While you may need to head to Atlantic City if you want a land-based casino to visit, you will find plenty of online casinos which you can legally enjoy from the comfort of your own home, at any time you like!

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NJGOP Chairman Says Murphy’s Fire Arm Executive Order Continues Targeting Legal Gun Owners


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Trenton NJ,  Today, Governor Murphy signed an Executive Order attacking the Second Amendment. NJGOP Chairman released the following statement in response:

“Like most sensible New Jerseyans, the NJGOP also supports common sense gun laws, but once again Governor Murphy shows his inability to take aim at gun crime and instead continues his practice of targeting legal gun owners.

“Today’s Executive Order is big on bravado and short on substance. It creates the same false sense of security that the rest of his political pandering creates.

“On behalf of the NJGOP, I call on Governor Murphy to do something meaningful to combat gun crime and stop criminalizing gun owners, manufacturers and retailers.”

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NJ State Senator Wants to make New Jersey a Global Leader of Fusion Energy Technology

Senator Pennacchio wants to Capture the Sun

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Princeton NJ, Senator Joe Pennacchio has introduced a bipartisan package of legislation to make New Jersey a global leader of fusion energy research and the development of commercial technology to bring fusion power to market, saying it represents a rare opportunity for the business and environmental communities to work together.

Sen. Joe Pennacchio’s package of bills would make New Jersey a global leader of fusion energy research and the development of commercial technology to bring fusion power to market. (

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NJ State Pensions Continue to Take Hits

Phil Murphy

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Ridgewood NJ, Governor Murphy once again plays games with the New Jersey pension funds . At stake are benefit payments to nearly 800,000 active and retired state and local workers.

For years, New Jersey had over inflated its assumption on returns on public pension fund investments ,but in the waning days of the Christie administration the NJ Department of treasury moved to face reality.

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New Jersey Airbnb Hosts Earn Over $88 Million This Summer

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Ridgewood NJ, Airbnb announced today that its New Jersey host community is expected to earn a combined $88 million in supplemental income while welcoming approximately 438,900 guest arrivals to the state this summer, from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day.

This summer set another record for Airbnb guest arrivals in New Jersey and especially in the five counties that make up the Jersey Shore — which are, together, the top destination for Airbnb guests this summer. The Jersey Shore saw approximately 220,600 guest arrivals through Labor Day, with local hosts bringing home a total of over $49 million in supplemental income. During the same time last year, there were approximately 165,000 Airbnb guest arrivals to Jersey Shore, with local hosts making a total of approximately $36.4 million. Overall, the Jersey Shore is expected to see an over 33 percent increase in Airbnb guest arrivals.

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Harmful Algal Bloom Discovered at Amico Island Park

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Mount Holly NJ, In response to a tip from the public, Burlington County staff discovered a Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) at Amico Island Park in Delran on Friday morning. On Tuesday afternoon, the Department of Environmental Protection confirmed the presence of HAB after testing was performed. Signs have been posted in and around Amico Island Park in Delran advising residents not to have contact with the water, including but not limited to swimming, wading, watersports and fishing. Pets and livestock should not come into contact with or drink the water.

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Rutgers-NJBIA poll:eighty percent of respondents said they pay too much in property taxes for the services they receive

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Trenton NJ, Assemblyman Anthony M. Bucco, the Republican Conference Leader, called out the Democrats today for not addressing property taxes. The Assembly met to expand a vote-by-mail law and didn’t consider any other bills.

Bucco said that if the legislature spent time on the number one issue for voters, turnout wouldn’t be a problem. A Monmouth University poll found that property taxes were far and away the most important issue to voters. That was followed by a Rutgers-NJBIA poll, where eighty percent of respondents said they pay too much in property taxes for the services they receive, and that state government isn’t doing enough to address cost of living and affordability.

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Reader Calls DUI Laws , “Another money grab by NJ”

“Another money grab by NJ. Who rents these devices? It’s not the social drinker with .08 that gets snagged that’s the problem. But more importantly, the press fails to report that the NJ conviction rate is so high because drivers do NOT have the right to a jury trial since its a non-criminal offense .(But you can still get sent to jail by one of those hack appointed municipal court judges). It’s an unfair system that is a cash cow for NJ. If you look at Massachusetts , drivers may opt for a jury trial. As such, the conviction rate is considerably less because the prosecutors will plea bargain any “marginal” arrests down to a negligent operation charge. But hey it’s NJ and it’s all about the money just like the dumb laws that double speeding fines if it’s a 65 mph zone.”