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Six-Figure Sick Time Parachute for Police Chief in Palisades Park

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Palisades Park NJ, The police chief in Palisades Park is retiring after a scathing review of the operation of his department, but only after he cashes more than $115,000 in checks for unused sick time. It’s just the latest example of a long string of abuses suffered by property taxpayers in the state, Senator Kip Bateman bristled.

“Sick time was never intended to be a personal retirement account for a select group of public employees, but here we go again,” said Bateman (R-16). “Another police chief retiring, and another six-figure invoice for the property taxpayers to deal with.”

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N.J. failed to stop sick time payouts. Now we’re really paying for it | Editorial

Sick Dog

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Sick pay is for when you’re sick. If you’re not sick, and you don’t use it, you lose it.

This is the simple policy fix to one of New Jersey’s most maddening problems. Yet, again and again, we have failed to write it into law.

There is no justifiable reason. Sick pay is supposed to protect you from losing income when you’re ill – not amount to a kingly entitlement bonus. You don’t deserve a six-figure payout just for being healthy.