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NJGOP Chairman Says Murphy’s Fire Arm Executive Order Continues Targeting Legal Gun Owners


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Trenton NJ,  Today, Governor Murphy signed an Executive Order attacking the Second Amendment. NJGOP Chairman released the following statement in response:

“Like most sensible New Jerseyans, the NJGOP also supports common sense gun laws, but once again Governor Murphy shows his inability to take aim at gun crime and instead continues his practice of targeting legal gun owners.

“Today’s Executive Order is big on bravado and short on substance. It creates the same false sense of security that the rest of his political pandering creates.

“On behalf of the NJGOP, I call on Governor Murphy to do something meaningful to combat gun crime and stop criminalizing gun owners, manufacturers and retailers.”

3 thoughts on “NJGOP Chairman Says Murphy’s Fire Arm Executive Order Continues Targeting Legal Gun Owners

  1. Murphy is a total loser

  2. You can bet that 99.99% of the thugs in Paterson Camden and Newark obtained the guns illegally out of state.
    So the buck tooth beaver teeth governor blames honest law abiding citizens who have to go through back round checks and permits to purchase in order to protect themselves from the inner city thugs that are his constituents
    All beaver has to do is follow th Serial number of the gun when th thug gets arrested to find the source. But he won’t do it as it clearly shows that honest law abiding nra members are not the problem.
    This dope blame the gun…. Blame the pencil when your dumb kid fails a test..
    Blame the fork when Rosie odonnell and Oprah get fat

  3. remember.
    The important thing is to feel like you are doing something
    rather than ACTUALLY doing something.

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