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Reader claims only Crime is Racefaster did not rejoin the Ridgewood Guild

” It’s true that this is the first year that Racefaster have not renewed with the guild, so you do the math on the guilds motivation. Tony certainly comes off as a hyprocrite, telling the guys at Racefaster that he “has no problem with it”, while doing everything in his power to shut it down. Is it sour grapes? Tony has been trying to sell his business for years and although Racefaster is bright, at least it’s new and clean versus the eyesore of Tony’s dilapidated store .
Like it or hate it, Racefaster is trying to do their best in a struggling town. They have three mall locations so they certainly can pull up stakes if they choose to, but they don’t. Their loyalty to the town is written all over their store – literally everything in their stores are named after streets and in Ridgewood. They employ several ridgewood residents and they support many local events in town.
The same people complaining about the orange store will complain about the empty store fronts, and complain about the developments, and complain about the garage, and complain about the taxes and on and on. “

8 thoughts on “Reader claims only Crime is Racefaster did not rejoin the Ridgewood Guild

  1. Wait, surely Mr Damiano would not engage in revenge tactics? The self-proclaimed paragon of virtue? hahaha, Damiano, we see your true colors shining through.

  2. What a scumbag Tony Damiano is.

  3. When I open up a store in CBD I’m going to paint a rainbow. Peace for all.

  4. Rainbow idea is awesome. I would love that. And Damiano will not be able to object because. He gets all weepy whenever he discusses gay pride.

  5. “When I open up a store in CBD I’m going to paint a rainbow. Peace for all.”
    Not to worry… They are cool with Rainbows…

  6. I think people would like it it’s color we need color and the CBD. Let’s get with the times it’s going to be 2020. Let’s stop fighting about bullshit. There’s so many other big important problems in the world don’t we have enough stress.

  7. The problem with the Guild is that it’s an echo chamber (no pun). Tony is the grand poobah and there is no voice louder than his. At least the Chamber of Commerce is a club where the president position isn’t one of lifetime tenure. Both are socialist power grabs – taking from the Ridgewood taxpayer and propping up their business. If you’re good, then you should succeed and if not, close your door. We don’t need a $12 million garage because some out-of-town merchant owners want a handout. I’ll spend my money on the resident owners who are my neighbors looking to make Ridgewood better for all.

  8. Nothing like a store that opens in days. Ever notice it takes months for other stores to open?

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