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Reader says, “I’ve been here 30+ years and I’ve NEVER had a problem with leaf pick-up. NEVER”


“Here come the whiners. Just read the G*d damn card and check the Village website to see when you should but your leaves OUT. They will be picked up sometime AFTER those dates. If you feel you must, snap a quick picture of your street leaf pile with your camera phone. That way if you get a ticket, you can show proof that you didnt’t put out leaves after pick up. You can send your photo to Susan who will refer it to the Village Manager to be taken care of, if possible.

Or better yet, do what I do, bring them to the recycling center. I’m 60 years old and have 1/2 acres with tons of trees and I manage it by myself.

I’ve been here 30+ years and I’ve NEVER had a problem with leaf pick-up. NEVER. And it never ceases to amaze me that we have a fairly educated adult population but they seemingly cannot read (at least not when it’s inconvenient for them.”

13 thoughts on “Reader says, “I’ve been here 30+ years and I’ve NEVER had a problem with leaf pick-up. NEVER”

  1. AMEN!!!!! I too have been here 22 years and never had a problem with the leaves. If you can read you can understand when the leaf pick-up is. People love to complain about everything in this town. Not only do we need a wall at the border, we need a wall around Ridgewood to keep these people out. MAGA!!!

  2. I love to see people bitch already about leaves give us all a break enough. Dude I don’t burn them in my backyard.

  3. I wish wish wish Ridgewood would be honest about the leaves. I know of some towns in some states that charge for picking up leaves. You call the town and they come and pick up your leaves after you put them out on the curb/street. Nominal fee. They come right away and all is efficient and clean.

    Ridgewood is erratic and inefficient and not dependable about leaf pick-up. What they are efficient about to the hilt is issuing a summons.

    RIDGEWOOD CHARGES FOR LEAF PICK-UP by issuing summonses. They look for minor infringements. THEY SHOULD BE HONEST HONEST and just charge a nominal fee, for those who want leaves picked up. If a leaf pickup is going to be on a Tuesday, for example, and people do leaves on the weekend because they work all week , and put then out on Sunday, they will get a summons. Now is that right? is that fair?

    ( I never received a summons, so don’t go thinking I am complaining, my dear friends. In order to avoid a summons I put leaves out NEAR THE LAST DAY they are supposed to pick them up according to the card they send out. NOT BEFORE).

    BTW I am a 76 year old female who rakes the leaves myself, mulches some, puts some, not much out, (see above) and leaves some leaves for nature. I do not use a gas leaf blower. I have probably one of the most tree filled yards in town because my neighbor lets weed trees grow on his property which borders my house. He is a landlord of th rented house and will not cut down the weed trees. By weed I mean trees too close together. As if you never had a lawn, only trees. Plus I have my own trees; that I am happy to do.

  4. In my section I was told that a contractor will be picking up my leaves. I reside in section B on Heights Road. So I asked a councilmember and I was told the reason is be because the village is short on staff. So I said OK I’m a newbie what do I know I just moved from out of state into Ridgewood.

  5. I’ve been here for 30+ years and I’ve always had problems with Leaf Pickup.
    They are NEVER on time.
    They are AT LEAST 2-3 weeks late.
    They OFTEN are so late that they SKIP a pickup.
    They usually do a sloppy job… get up all of the big stuff with the machines, but don’t expend any effort to hand rake the leftovers.
    Drive though ANY OTHER town in the area and see how much CLEANER the streets are.

  6. I just wasted 2 MINUTES reading your drivel
    and you people are the most fucked up bunch of whiners
    on the planet. It’s frickin leaves hence LEAVE them where you found them! let’s not have that least you slugs won’t have anything to bitch about.

  7. Some people aren’t happy unless they’re miserable.

  8. How about do not throw them in the street .keep them on your lawn and Do not throw them in the street or on top of a catch basin. My neighbors are constantly throwing their leaves in debris on top of the catch basin’s so stupid. And then they are the first ones to call that the street is flooding.

  9. We have come to a tacit agreement…
    I just rake them to the curb whenever I feel like it and leave them there.
    They come to pick them up whenever they come.

  10. I am 79 yrs old, lived in Ridgewood for over 50 yrs. Never got a leaf ticket until last year when my leaves were put out on specified date to be picked up on specified date by DPW. However the specific date for pickup by the DPW never made it on time and came abt 3 weeks later. Therefore I received summons of $85. I paid fine since I am handicapped and could not get to court to argue my case. Besides, there was only 1/2 inch of leaves on curb. Now I have to pay landscaper extra to pick up leaves. Why do we have a person going around on a SUNDAY to ticket residents. Shouldn’t that person take a day of rest that day since she is never in the office when you call to talk. Don’t we pay enough taxes?

  11. Yes, last year especially, they were very late and off schedule.

  12. Leaf me alone

  13. More good advice here than you think if we get past some complaining. Have lived here since 1964 but work in a town where they charge. Other town also rarely on time. Think about it guys… are people who pick up leaves (govt ees or contractors) as responsible as most of us have to be in our jobs? And with us hiding limbs, etc under the leaves might, maybe their job take longer than expected in any case? And do leaves fall on schedule?

    Put the leaves out per schedule. Take a picture with date to prove it. They are on time, or not. If not they will be by in a few days. Chill.

    I had one issue, where construction blocked our street by chance on same date as they came to pick up. So no pickup. And everyone on street got tickets three days later for ignoring schedule. Asked neighbors when they put theirs out (all within schedule), sent list of people with dated picture to Village. Told to come down to discuss. All tickets waived for block. But if I didn’t have the dates picture…

    Ask you this question tho. If they stopped picking up leaves for “free” do you really think they would correspondingly lower our taxes? Nope. So follow the schedule, be able to prove it, relax and be happy with what we have.

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