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Ridgewood Board of Education Interviews Candidates

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Ridgewood NJ, at Monday Ridgewood Board of Education meeting , Board members interviewed ten candidates as possible replacements for Trustee Christina Krause .

The Board interviewed the following candidates for the vacant seat: The interviews may be seen in the webcast of the Board meeting.

1.    Charles Krause
2.    Mary Micale
3.    Michael Lembo
4.    Joseph Madison
5.    Saurabh Dani
6.    Rositsa Hayvanovych
7.    Muhammad Mahmoud
8.    Michael Linn
9.    Wilma Watson
10.   Robert Schermer

The Board will now check references. At its next public meeting on Monday, September 23 the Board will nominate and vote on the candidates.

There was strong public support Saurabh Dani who has in the past been branded as a dissident and trouble makers by board members and the target of a silencing campaign by members of the “Ridgewood Moms and Dads ” Facebook group .

Rumors abounded the the Ridgewood Board of Education has already picked Mary Micale . She was the 1st interview and had information no one else had. It was clear that she was the favorite and Ms. Jennie Smith Wilson, President of the BOE was pitching her the questions and pumping her up.

10 thoughts on “Ridgewood Board of Education Interviews Candidates

  1. How about a bit of racial & ethnic diversity on the Board for once in their history?

  2. Mary was second to be interviewed, not first.
    Yes, Wilson was feeding her answers and positive questions and was trying to establish that she is the only one who has available “time” to do this job.
    When Wilson was appointed/interviewed four years ago, Mary was the first one to speak in her favor and had said that they worked together for three years.
    Now it’s time to return the favor.

  3. It’s not just Wilson.
    Morgan was also feeding answers to her. His only question to Mary was “you have been attending our meetings..right”?
    They are all ex foundation trustees and part of the “club” that runs this town.

  4. We can all watch the same meeting, hear the same conversation and yet come to different conclusions.

    I heard a board that wants to make sure the new member has the time to do the job, they don’t want to end up with another new board member that misses meetings and doesn’t have time to serve on committees. The next board member needs to pull their weight.

    You may think it’s bad that JSW and MM both served on the Foundation — I think it’s it shows a record of commitment to our schools.

    We have a lot of very intelligent people in Ridgewood, I’m guessing any one of those 10 people would do a good job, just for the fact that they stepped up.

    In the end though, don’t get all worked up, this appointment is only for a few months and then we will all be able to vote for the 3 open positions.

    Hopefully, the other 9 who don’t get selected don’t get discouraged and give us a real choice that we haven’t had in many years due to lack of candidates.

  5. amamom, two of these 10 candidates filed their nominations for election in April 19.
    Other eight only showed up for “appointment”.
    Yes, April 20 election will be decisive for the village. Hopefully like council, board of Ed will be free from money influences after April.

  6. I strongly disagree with the list of candidates. They are all rich or upper middle class stuck-ups who don’t understand the needs of this community. We need a person of colour, who ideally misses a limb, is of a non-Judeo Christian religious affiliation, of non-binary gender, fluid sexual preferences, knows birth dates of birth of Karl Marx and Lenin, believes global worming will destroy Ridgewood in less than 10 years and a corporate workaholic without kids, writing for the Times. Anyone with lesser credentials is unacceptable. BTW, just to be sure, while the candidate may call themselves non-binary, they must have a physical vagina. A non-binary candidate without one is not gonna cut it.

  7. I would love a candidate who thought he or she was a representative for the public and not a rubber stamp for the administration. People don’t run because it means a campaign and some monetary expenditures. I think we need a 7 member Board. I believe we have the smallest board for a District our size. A larger Board might mean some diversity of opinion and each board member would not be liaison to so many committees . Same laison, same opinions, same outcomes.

  8. Anon, what’s wrong with
    “Same laison, same opinions, same outcomes”?
    The boards job is to just vote on whatever is presented to them by Dr Fishbein.
    The committee membership is just a way to satisfy Egos.
    Why spend seven volunteers time for something that can be done by five?
    What difference will it make?

  9. Follow the money. See who is getting all the money to replace HVAC systems and all the windows.
    70Million going towards these two projects.

  10. I completely disagree with the person who said that if someone steps up to run then they are probably capable. Not so. Look at Voigt.

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