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Ridgewood Board of Education Moves Forward on Massive School Spending Referendum

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Ridgewood NJ, Dr. Fishbein reported that facility projects are starting to be planned for next year. He showed slides of projected bathroom renovations at GWMS and BFMS. The finances will come out of the Capital Fund and perhaps other funds depending on this year’s budget expenditures.

Antoinette Kelly went over the change orders on the consent agenda. The BFMS bathroom sub-floor needed replacement, plus a fire-rated partition upgrade was required and reconfiguration to make the bathroom ADA-compliant. The change order at GWMS also included the fire-rated partition upgrade and ADA compliance, plus pipe re-routing and cabinetry for the new heater.

Dr. Fishbein suggested a process for informing the public of facility needs that would be included in a future Referendum. The Board agreed to informal tours this fall at the schools highlighting the needed renovation projects. The architectural firm LAN would give an initial presentation. In January a professional financial presentation is proposed, followed by a specific recommendation by the superintendent later that month to move forward with a Referendum. 

4 thoughts on “Ridgewood Board of Education Moves Forward on Massive School Spending Referendum

  1. Just great my taxes are going up again.

  2. No issues with fixing bathrooms. What’s going on with ever increasing above inflation faculty health insurance?

  3. facebook gadfly is claiming 7% tax increase. Is that number correct?

  4. Yes they are more money….
    And your just stupid enough to stay here and pay them

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