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Ridgewood Mayor Gets Hammered Over Paperwork Campaign Finance Issues from 2016???

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, as many residents have already heard it is being reported that Ridgewood Mayor Ramon Hache did not correctly report or handle thousands of dollars he raised while running for a seat on the Ridgewood Village Council in 2016, New Jersey ‘s campaign finance watchdog alleged in a complaint. Yes thats 2016, when this story came up we thought well just like 2016 yuup same old same old.

Mayor Hache disputes the allegations, calling the complaint “completely ridiculous” and said he is asking for a hearing to appeal the case “to clarify and present the actual facts.”

We agree we read through the complaint and frankly its a whole lot of nothing. ( )

Seems the Aronsohn forces speer headed by Jeff Voigt and an assorted cast of unloved characters are a bit desperate to knock the mayor down a few pegs. formerly known as the Bergen Record seems to have hit a slow news day.

In 2016 the Ridgewood blog recognized that the complaint was nothing more than a paper word snafu.

Frankly with all the excuse our language total “scumbags” in New Jersey politics this seems a bit odd for this to garner so much attention. Could it be the far left bigots of the Democrat party are disappointed with Hache’s middle of the road common sense views or is it that he is just not “taking enough out” ie spending enough, at the Village of Ridgewood and sharing it with his politicaly connected friends?

16 thoughts on “Ridgewood Mayor Gets Hammered Over Paperwork Campaign Finance Issues from 2016???

  1. Well, he’s not the only one. Ms. Walsh is under investigation too. And SHE is a second-term councilperson, so she has no excuse about not knowing.

  2. What???? Bernie Walsh????? Haha, she poses as so perfect but . . .NOT

  3. I’m sure this is only the beginning of the mud that will be slung in the coming weeks. Lest we forget that our former Mayor Aronsohn and his mistress aka Councilwoman Hauck did not disclose to the Village residents that they were in a relationship and voting in concert. And that he and the former Village Manager Roberta Sonenfeld were charged with real ethics violations by the State.

  4. Big difference between Hache and Walsh is that Hache is a nice guy while Walsh will stab everyone in the back

  5. Here we go. Pretty soon it’s gonna be time for a new broom.

  6. Don’t worry Mayor Suavay has his buddies down at the county that will help him out with this. The Mayor only has to make a call to his friend Jimmy T who in turn call he will call our Governor and it will all be taken care of. The Democrats have big plans for Mayor Suavay. This is just a little bump in the road.

  7. “a paper word snafu” Really, is that what we are calling it.

  8. Hey you know, politics you gonna play ball.

  9. I like Ramon. He should not have had his wife managing the campaign finance paperwork. That’s his only mistake

  10. “Big difference between Hache and Walsh is that Hache is a nice guy while Walsh will stab everyone in the back”
    You got that one backwards…

  11. I like Bernie Walsh. And I like Ramon Hache. They aren’t perfect but do a good job for Ridgewood. This witch hunt is obviously an attempt to smear their good names. Don’t fall for the records crappy reporting.

  12. A hearing? Pay the ticket Ramon. My understanding is that Ms. Walsh cooperated, updated the filings and paid the fine promptly and the NJEC has considered the matter settled. The Bergen Evening Record, ha ha ha ha, that is a credible source?

  13. Come on, this is the best his enemies can do? This is nothing folks.

  14. Time to dig into vagianos campaign funds? Where did the balance go?
    There you should find more than just paperwork delays.

  15. Isn’t this guy the treasurer for the ridgewood junior football program?

    Someone should look into that also

  16. Even if some of us don’t agree with part -or all- of Hache’s or Walsh’s voting records, it’s really sleazy to imply that they are not honest actors or that they don’t do their jobs as councilpersons in good faith. There is absolutely nothing that even hints that they have ever been dishonest or crooked in their time on the Council. It’s entirely believable that they made some kind of clerical errors on their candidate paperwork. I’m sure they will make it right.

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