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Ridgewood NJ RBSA Baseball Corruption?


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, according to Joseph Ring , the RBSA fee gouges, lies on tax returns and steals from a charity registered with the IRS dedicated to Youth Athletics…. They need to be investigated!!!!

18 thoughts on “Ridgewood NJ RBSA Baseball Corruption?

  1. Who is Joseph Ring…?

    Did his son get cut from the Travel team…??

  2. I guess someone’s kid was riding pine in the travel league this year! LOL

  3. We love when the shit hits the fan isn’t it great. Didn’t we tell you more and more shit will come out. And boy oh boy it’s still coming out and more to come out soon.

  4. convenient how he only compared income to other towns, and not expenses.

  5. I’m guessing his kid got cut?

  6. Let’s wait for the real facts.

  7. ty.. why is this not surprising…. the rbsa trolls are pulling out all the stops to make this guy look bad. how about the rbsa looks in the mirror and offers and apology and explains where all this money goes…

  8. Mustang Sally, you know you need to slow that Mustang down!

  9. What about the number of participants in Ridgewood vs other towns? Take a look at his website I coached multiple sports in Ridgewood for many years and take great offence at some of the allegations. “Coaches are “supposedly” volunteers.” Is he inferring that coaches are getting paid? He claims to have extensive stats on over 11,000 at bats from Ridgewood games exposing favoritism towards coach’s players. How does one gain access these stats? It surely sounds like sour grapes.

  10. RBSA should apologize for what?

  11. So much more to dig up. This is only scratching the surface.

  12. This guy is the ultimate troll. How about getting off your ass and volunteer….that’s how you make things better. Cowards hide behind a keyboard and lob BS grenades.

  13. RBSA is totally full of shit.
    No his kids probably didn’t get cut he probably never even made it because his parents didn’t pay up or “volunteer”
    BUT what’s the diff from any other sport in town.
    RBSA just has deeper pockets.

  14. I miss that little curmudgeon that ran softball in town….

  15. Curious what the official next steps are here – if any? Is there really an investigation? How do we stay on top of this before it just gets buried like most issues do in Ridgewood. If there really is corruption shoudn’t people be held accountable? If there isn’t shouldn’t the RBSA be publicly cleared? It is unfortunate that the comments on this forum revolve around things like sour grapes or did your kid get cut etc – seems like there is a much bigger issue that hopefully won’t get lost, swept under the carpet and ultimately forgotten. I’ve been paying into the RBSA for decades and sincerely hope its all on the level – if not someone should be held responsible. We deserve a resolution. I’d think the ones being (hopefully falsely) accused of wrongdoing of this magnitude would want to clear their names.

  16. Say: one clown with a keyboard and a grudge doesn’t make an “official” problem. Focusing on revenue alone without the other #’s on a balance sheet shows this guy wasted his UM education.

  17. Easy to throw darts from behind a keyboard. Its offensive to tarnish the reputation of the hard working board members and many parent volunteers who devote hours of their time to provide a great experience for the girls and boys in the program.

  18. What is the outcome of this? Seems like a very serious allegation if true. If untrue shouldn’t the RBSA clear their name? It has been buried now, like so many other issues in the village. I hope this will get the attention it deserves – we are talking about a LOT of $.

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