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Ridgewood Woman Allegedly Drove into a Hawthorne Car Wash the Wrong Way !

photo courtesy of Boyd Loving’s Facebook Page

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Hawthorne NJ, Hawthorne Police responded to the Hawthorne Car Wash, 1112 Goffle Road, Hawthorne on Thursday morning around 10:30, 09/13, in response to a 911 telephone call from a car wash employee reporting that a vehicle had been driven into the car wash in the wrong direction, and was now stuck inside.

Responding uniformed patrol officers quickly administered a field sobriety test to the vehicle’s adult female driver. The Ridgewood women was subsequently placed in handcuffs and taken into custody. Her dog was also taken into custody and placed in a separate vehicle. It was later reported that an open bottle of wine in her purse .

A flatbed tow truck removed the stuck 4-door sedan from the car wash machinery and transported it to a local impound yard. No injuries were reported in the incident; the car wash’s owner was on the scene assessing damage, if any, to his equipment.


4 thoughts on “Ridgewood Woman Allegedly Drove into a Hawthorne Car Wash the Wrong Way !

  1. You just could not make something like this up, no matter how hard you tried.

  2. The driver accused in this incident had a similar incident in the past. Some people never learn.

  3. I use that car wash routinely. The signage is pretty clear.

  4. This woman is a danger to society as evidenced by past convictions and is clearly a drunkard who’s eventually going to kill someone. Stop her own!

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