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Thieves Target Unlocked Vehicles in Ridgewood

key fob glen rock

file photo from Glen Rock security camera

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ , according to the Ridgewood police over the last several weeks, there have been many cars which have been left unlocked, and many of them have the key fob in them.  At times, the actors take belongings and money from the cars, and other times, they steal the car.  In fact, four cars were stolen from residents’ driveways, 9/12/19 through 9/14/19, because the key fobs were left in the cars.
The Ridgewood Police Department is asking for help from the public to PLEASE lock your homes and cars and remove any valuables and keys or key fobs.  We do not want any police officers or civilians injured or killed in an attempt to catch the actors. The actors will move to other areas if they are unable to locate unlocked vehicles or find anything of value. In addition, if anyone has any video of the actors or events, please contact the Ridgewood Detective Bureau at 201-251-4536.

6 thoughts on “Thieves Target Unlocked Vehicles in Ridgewood

  1. Why do people continue to leave their keys/key fobs in their vehicles? I went to graduate school and I still can’t figure it out.

  2. Do you want to graduate school and you can’t figure it out. I didn’t go to graduate school and I can figure it out. It’s called lazy. And it doesn’t matter anyway lock the car put your alarm on bring your key inside the house if they want it, they gonna get it. Thieves just stole $1 million toilet bowl all in gold in England.

  3. Key fobs are a bad design. People can accidentally leave them in the car (even ones with graduate school degrees). I would hope this foolish key goes away or at least gets changed to a method of inserting and removal being integrated into the starting and shutting off of the engine.

  4. HI.
    I’m an idiot.
    I leave my car unlocked.
    I’m a self-center ass.
    I leave my car running while I go into the bagel store to get latte and an egg white sandwich in the morning.

  5. “Key fobs are a bad design” LOL
    Is there ever going to be personal responsibility?

  6. Is there a possibility that the owners are tired of paying for their cars and deliberately “conveniently forget” the key fobs and possessions left in the car? Maybe they are like the “self-centered ass” who either figure “it will never happen to me” Or “who cares, I have insurance”. People have been reminded often enough to do the correct procedures which usually can keep their cars in safety to still have people who accidentally “forget” in the vast number of robberies we are currently seeing!

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